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I am a Mom of two wonderful young men. I am married to an amazing man who is in law enforcement. Which is why I named my blog No Place Like Home. After a long, intense day we all like to come HOME where we can feel safe and release the pressures of the day.

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Don't get to excited.....second floor home tour.

Here is the home tour of our second floor.  There is really not much to show.  I apologize in advance as the cheap  inexpensive camera I use does not do justice to the color of the rooms.  Again, do not get to excited as our home is a lived in, comfortable to us home.  You will not find anything fancy or impressive here.

This is a hand drawn picture of our home.  When we purchased the house the previous owners gave us the picture.  It currently hangs at the top of the stairway to the second floor.  You might ask why so close to the window.  Unfortunately, there is an old capped gas pipe there and the picture is helping to cover it.  The wonderful surprises of older houses :) The walls are a medium beige.

This is the end of the hallway on the second floor.  The odd little "cupboard opening" on the left is actually a working laundry shoot.  We use it daily.  The mirror at the end of the hallway was my Paternal Grandmothers.  It always hung at the bottom of her stairway. I could not put at at the bottom of mine so it hangs with honor at the top.

This is what you see when you step into our bathroom.  This is an oddly shaped room.  The little "counter" that you see to the left is where the toilet sits.  Smack dab in the middle of the bathroom.  To the right of the toilet, where you see the green wall by the sink is the shower area.  Who would have put the toilet in the MIDDLE of the bathroom?  NOT us, but VERY expensive to move. The wall color is a mistake from Lowe's but we love it.  It is a blue/green.

The view from the "throne"

The shutters are the medicine cabinet area.  Original to the house.  We are lucky we have many shutters in the home.  I love them all!!

A little shelf area at the entrance of the bathroom.

This is our oldest sons room, who has since moved out.  Eventually I will make this into a guest room.  Right now, I leave it as "his room".  The walls are a deep Burgundy.  His choice in color. 

This is the door to our youngest sons room.  He still resides in there and it is his domain.  I do not clean it.  Therefore, no photos of this room will EVER be posted in the present condition.  Love young men and their lack of cleaning.

This is our "master" bedroom.  Nothing master about it.  The walls are a light green, almost a mint green.  It is comfortable to us and that is what matters.  Right?

Again, you see we have shutters for window coverings.  I prefer to leave them as only shutters.  However, my hubs works odd hours and is usually trying to sleep during the day.  So I added curtains to help keep out the sunlight.

This I show for a friend of mine, Deb S.  It hangs above the laundry shoot.  Her mother Marilyn crossed stitched it for one of my wedding showers a mere 28 3/4 years ago. I love it and it has always hung somewhere in our home.

Well, that is pretty much the rest of our cozy little bungalow.  Not fancy, not expensive.  It is our home and we feel safe and happy here.  That is what is important after all.  Right?
Thanks for stopping by.  Next post I hope to show a redecorating of the front porch and entrance....getting ready for Fall.
Have a great weekend. 

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