Hi . My name is Stephanie and I am new to being an author on a blog. I have been an avid follower of many decorating blogs and have become, well addicted. I have found inspiration from many of these sites and thought I would give this a try.

I am a Mom of two wonderful young men. I am married to an amazing man who is in law enforcement. Which is why I named my blog No Place Like Home. After a long, intense day we all like to come HOME where we can feel safe and release the pressures of the day.

Welcome and buckle up for the ride :)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Things that make you feel good.

Sorry I have been gone.  My computer died and I can only log on when a friend allows me to use her PC.  Thank you friend!

Things that make you feel good:
1- Falling in Love
2- Laughing so hard your face hurts
3- Hot showers
4- A special glance
5- Receiving a unexpected package in the mail
6- Driving on a country road
7- Singing out loud to the radio and your favorite song
8- Lying in bed listening to the rain
9- Bubble baths
10- Giggling
11- The Beach
12- Midnight pizza runs
13- Running through sprinklers
14- Laughing for absolutely no reason at all
15- Having someone tell you that you are beautiful
16- Laughing with friends
17- Accidentally overhearing someone say something nice about you
18- Waking up early and realize it is the weekend and going back to sleep
19- Spending time with old friends
20- Making new friends
21- Sweet dreams
22- Hot chocolate on a snowy day
23- Road trip with friends
24- Swinging on a swing
25- Warm chocolate chip cookies
26- Receiving homemade cookies from a friend
27- Holding hands with someone you love
28- Watching the expression on someones face as they open a desired present from you
29- Watching the sunrise
30- Watching the sunset
31- Waking up and being grateful for another day
32- Knowing someone misses you
33- Getting a hug from someone you love
34- Getting your hair professionally done and LOVING it

I can relate to many of these.  Hope they sparked some good feelings for you too.