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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fresh Start and Reinventing Myself

So I just celebrated my 48th birthday.  48?  Really?  My brain thinks I am still 27.  What happened?  Where did the time go?  I also had my yearly exam with my family MD.  Yep two hits in the gut at one time.  OUCH.  I have to lower the cholesterol levels, lower the sugar levels and drop a few pounds.  Simple changes right?  You know it is HARD to teach an ole ' dog new tricks.  Old habits are hard to break.  Any other old sayings I should insert here? Anyway, I have started to exercise more and have managed to shed 5 pounds in a few weeks.  Yeah for me.  Then I got to thinking.....scary when I do that.  A new start should require a new me.  I will reinvent my style.  I have gotten into a bad habit of being comfortable in my clothes. Remember I wear scrubs to work everyday.

It is like wearing your pj's everyday.  No shape.  You can hide a multitude of sins under those boxy shirts!!  You gain weight and don't even realize it is happening.

 When not in my uniforms, I tend to go for the "casual style"  You know shorts, t-shirt and flip-flops.  Comfy.  Maybe TO COMFORTABLE.  I should dress like it is the first date with my husband everyday.  Well at least four out of seven days.  I should wear makeup not just to work, but when I am going to the grocery store.  You know look like I care on a daily basis, not just on the days I am getting paid to be helpful and nice to others.
 Ok, so maybe wearing makeup EVERYDAY is not such a great idea.  This is how I would look if I attempted to "do my eyes".  Makeup for me is foundation, blush and lip gloss.  Maybe even a colored gloss or lipstick with gloss over it.  Did I tell you I am 48 not 27?  I guess I forgot to dress the part,
 Reinventing.....Maybe not that far....BIRD LADY?  Seriously?  Those heels alone would do me in.  Not only do I wear scrubs daily, but tennis shoes as well.  Heels?  I doubt that I can still walk in anything over 1/2 inch.  48?  Really.  The more I type the more I feel 48 ;(
 So I have a few ideas for subtle change in my wardrobe and style.  I could pull this one off.  I am not a jewelry kind a girl.  I guess it goes back to the work thing.  I wear my wedding band, engagement ring, eternity ring and on the other hand I wear a ring that I purchased while bartering in Mexico.  Hey I got it dirt cheap!! I also sport post style pierced earrings.  Nothing fancy, small earrings.  OOOooohh the edge I live on.  Good grief, why is my hubby still attracted to me?  I should have done this reinvent thing a LONG TIME ago.  Poor man!
 I could pull this off as well.  Comfy and stylish.  Look at those FLATS.  No heels here.
 So I am really pushing the envelope now..... add in a scarf and a bracelet and NOT those heels.  I find myself oddly attracted to scarves this time.
 Now this I love.  Comfy, stylish and I could even do those wedge heels.  No sunglasses for me.  Can't see without the bifocals.  Oh good grief, I am 48!!!

 If I were to wear a dress again....I might attempt this look.  Not sure about the boots.  I know they are all the rage right now.  However, I have not worn boots since 1980.  Might have to try them again.  Pass on the earrings.  But love the rest of the outfit.
 These babies should be in my closet ready to be pulled out an worn.
I LOVE this look and the dash of pink!!!! Hey when I worked in the corporate America I did dress like this.  Maybe I still have my grey, search.....
 Love the t-shirt and scarf.  Not to mention the handbag.  Getting a little chilly here in Ohio so the Capri's are appropriate now.
 Nothing here I could not do......Just put more thought into my selections on a daily basis.
I want all of these little gems.  Now can someone show me how to tie those things?

So that is my reinvent my style.  I wish I could purchase all that I have shared with you today, but I have to work more to get the dough and then it is a vicious cycle all over again....scrubs, tennis shoes........
Thanks for stopping by.  How do you want to look this Fall?  Do share your photos.

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