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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Happy Accident

I have always been a "use what you have kind of person".  I have never really been someone who has had the luxury of, if I want it or see it, buy it.  So when we decided to repaint the "guest" room.  (By the way it is hard for me to call it the guest room.  It will always be our eldest sons room.  He has moved into his own home, but you know how us Mom's tend to be.....) We pulled it together ACCIDENTALLY.  I swear it was all by accident. I hope it doesn't look like a bad accident
The paint was chosen by both hubs and I.  It is a linen sort of color.  Not tan, not beige, not creamy white, just linen.  I would need to get off of my rear end to check the actual name. 
 The red comforter is an old one we had when the boys were little and wanted matching comforters, even though they did not share a bedroom.The bed is our youngest sons, who lives with us, but now has a full sized bed.
Sadly, I still need a small office space and it has been this room for about 4 years now.  Why change now? 

This artwork was given to me from a family member.  I love it for sentimental reasons.  I also just love it.  The red, accidentally works well with the red comforter.  The mat of the artwork is a perfect match to the new wall color.  I swear, NONE of this was planned.  When hubs hung the art he grinned and said "Hey, check this out."  I was like check what out?  Duh, the mat and the wall are a perfect match.  OMG!!!!!!

The color doesn't show up so well.The swan is sitting on a a navy blue hutch and it just so happens the comforter is reversible and guess what the other color choice is......BLUE!!  I swear accident!!

Here is the before.

I must say I am very happy with the results.  Thanks hubs.  He worked hard on his days off while I was at work to finish paint the entire room. 
We removed the upper shutters from the windows and will be hanging full length panels sometime soon.
Hope you enjoyed the accident.  We are very pleased with it. 
Thanks for stopping by.

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