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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Getting That Warm Fuzzy Feeling

The weather around here has been BEAUTIFUL.  It has been in the upper 50's and 60's and sunny.  Not TYPICAL for Ohio in late November.  I wish our winters could be like this, however, I know we will pay for this in the near future. 

We decorated the inside of the house for Christmas.  Weird decorating in the sunshine and warmth.  Today I actually have the windows open a small crack.  I again I remind you this is NOT typical Ohio weather !!

Thought I would share a few of our vignette's of the upcoming holiday season.  I normally go all out with garland on the stairs and in the dining room and den.  This year, just not "in to it".  Went simple and hopefully pleasing.

Up close of the door wreath.  All made by me :).  Thrift store Styrofoam balls, painted and glittered.


Front entrance to our home.

Our "pencil" tree.  Now sporting our handmade red glitter balls.  Made by me from thrift store items.  So much more practical $$$ wise than buying the store made glitter balls!

So glittery!!

Snowmen a top the TV cabinet.

Decided to add the snow sign to the silverware tree.  Still disappointed that the silverware are not more distinctive.

Kitchen sink vignette.

Tree in den, decorated with....what else....snowmen.  Have you noticed I collect snowmen?  I edited the display this year and only put out a fraction of the men.

Even though I decorate with "SNOW" signs, does not mean I like SNOW in any way, shape or form.  Well I like it on TV, not in my real life :)

We are not blessed to have a fire burning fireplace.  So we warm the den with an electric version.  Decorated with my pottery.This

This pottery is made here in Holmes County!!

Nothing fancy, nothing expensive, but it is our home and we feel blessed to be in it!  What does your home look like during the holidays?  Do share.

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