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Sunday, November 20, 2011

What? Already?

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas
I decided to take advantage of the warmer weather here and decorate the outside for Christmas.
I broke my own rule.  I NEVER decorate for Christmas until at the very earliest of the day AFTER Thanksgiving.
I was inspired by so many wonderful ideas on pinterest that I decided to change up my holiday decor.
I am cheap frugal and refused to pay the big $$$ for my "new" decorations.
I had priced the glittery balls for the tree and was SHOCKED at the price of one ball.
I had priced florist ribbon and again about fell over at the price of a bolt of ribbon.
So what is a woman to do when they want to change up the decor on a budget?
Hubs and I purchased  2 bags full of assorted sizes of Styrofoam balls at our local thrift store.  Ready 50 cents a bag.
Garland $2.50
Small tree $8.00
I painted the balls and then covered them in glitter to match.
The other supplies were from our craft room box(es).

 The ribbon was "borrowed" from my Mom, along with the urns.  Hubs painted the once well worn white urns black.  The boxes are empty and recycled from my office junk pile.
Up close of the balls and ribbon. Must say I am very pleased with the outcome!!

The cheap camera does not show the pretty color of the paper.  The paper is actually a lime green, red, white and silver.

The silverware also came from the thrift store for a mere $2.50.  I must say it didn't turn out as pretty as I had in my mind.  I have seen these trees on pinterest and their silverware was front and center and bold.  Mine tends to blend into the tree.  Not sure what is so different except the trees on pinterest are smaller and the branches are not so full.

Well there you have the beginning of our Christmas decor.  More to come next week when we finish with the inside of the house.
Would love to see your decorations.  Send me a note with your blog and I will stop by for a peek.

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