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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Gift Wrapping.

Since the Holidays are approaching us fast.  Not to mention the stores are throwing them directly in our faces, it got me to thinking.  CHRISTMAS wrapping ideas.  I always try to come up with different ideas.  One time I will wrap each persons presents in one style of paper and no one else got that paper. Another time I used basic crafting (brown) paper and applied rubber stamped decor on them. Once I used comic papers for everyone.

I have been inspired by Older and Wisor blog (  She has a sidebar 31 Ways to Wrap Your Crap.  You MUST go check this one out. 

Lollipops designed to be Cherries.  How simple and CUTE!!


Dollies.  You can find these at thrift stores.  I bet you could even find the jewelry too.

I have seen many ideas using paper towel rolls, but never thought to use as "ribbon".  Must try this year.

A "double" gift.  The actual gift and the magnets.  Again, these are purchased on the less expensive side.

Gosh, I would love to do this one this year as well.  Dried orange slices and craft paper.


These would be adorable on gift food.  Love it.  Love snowmen!!

These are so cute, simple and inexpensive.  Much better way to wrap then the outrageous priced store bought ribbon!!!!
What ideas do you have for this seasons wrapping?  Do share.

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