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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Kitchen Ideas

Lately I been feeling the desire to change up our home.  We have lived here for about 9 years.  We have made several changes, cosmetic. Like most of us who like to decorate I LOVE to change up our home. I am constantly moving furniture, changing out vignettes.  I think I drive my family, mostly my husband crazy. 

I am contemplating changing the color of the kitchen.  It was a horrible wallpaper when we bought.  We "temporarily" painted it yellow until we had time to do it the way we wanted.  Temporarily has lasted us about 8 years.  We painted OVER the wallpaper to save time.  NOW it is time to painstakingly remove the wallpaper and repaint.  FEAR sets in.  What will we find beneath the wallpaper.  Are the walls in good condition or is that why there was wallpaper.  This is what has stopped me from changing it sooner and $$, but mostly the fear of the unknown.  In the past, at our other houses I would have jumped in with both feet and not thought twice. I was also younger then and worked part time.  Which meant there was more time for dealing with the messes that I uncovered.

 My kitchen is very small and little to no natural light.  The one window it has is under a covered side porch, facing South.  Not much light comes in here.  I am a bug in the dark....I am drawn to natural light and I fear..yep there it is again FEAR my kitchen being to dark.  At the same time you will see I am drawn to dark colors at the moment.

Here is the window.

I have always wanted white cabinets.  And now I have them and a son who is in the tire business......well get where I am going.....dirty finger prints EVERYWHERE. Currently the kitchen is painted a cheery yellow. The cabinets have the "original" hardware from when we purchased the house....mismatched.  I would be changing the hardware and moving it down where I can comfortably open the cabinets.

We have thought about painting the counter tops.  There are so many options for that.  You can buy a kit or simply paint the tops from directions on the web.  I would like a darker top. Leaning towards brown or black tops.

I really like the grey/blue of this kitchen with the white cabinets and brown tops. VIA Nina's Nest

I am then found drawn to the black AND white cabinets.  I love this look.  I even like the original floor.  Would love to find wood under my beautiful vinyl. VIA Goodbye House Hello Home

Still keeping the white cabinets and incorporating blue.  I do have blue in the adjoining den.  LOVE this kitchen from Modern Cottage. Love the black floors and the crisp white cabinets.  I also like the partial open cabinets and the baskets.  I have asked the hubs to remove the drawers from four of our cabinets and create open shelving. 

Then here is the bomb.  I am drawn to BLACK distressed cabinets.

Would I like the distressed part?  Does it feel "abused" and in need or repair?  Or does it feel homey and current? It would hide fingerprints and such....
HELP.  I am sending out a cry for help.  What is your opinion?  Please post a comment.
Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. While the black distressed cabinets look nice, I'd stay away from them. With a small space and little natural light coming in, they would make the kitchen even darker. If you like the distressed look, what about white distressed cabinets? You could use black baskets to get that black/white look that is in several of the pics you posted. Painting the interior of the open cabinets black could work as long as you put light colored dishes, etc in them. Just my two cents worth.