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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A change is brewing.....

Just like the season change so does my decorating mood.  So with this past week being more like late Fall/early Winter, I thought I better get in gear and decorate for Fall before I miss the occasion.

This is how the entrance to our home looks for this season.

The hubs and I purchased pumpkins and mums today at a local market.  I opted for cheap thrifty pumpkins.  All were $1.00 a piece.  I tried my hand at a white pumpkin and put our last name initial on it.  I rather like it. 
We added a little charm to the plain, plastic, black pots the mums came in. Hubs wanted the fun pumpkin/gourds on the steps.  The little orange one is bumpy and fun.

A little vignette that changes with the seasons.  A friend of mine gave me the "acorn" that she found while thrifting a few years back.  Still works for me.

With the help of the hubs, this is our first attempt at a topiary of pumpkins.  I must say I do like the smaller pumpkins.  I also must confess, we cheated.  All the other posts about topiary's have been somewhat messy, clean the pumpkin, cover the inside with Vaseline or cooking oil to keep it from drying out......blah, blah, blah.  We Hubs simply cut off the stem of the lower two and ran a dowel rod through the center making sure to not come all the way through the top pumpkin.  No mess, no sealing, easy peasy.  We will see if it holds up to the weather.
Well simple and thrifty.  That is the way we roll at this house.  I hope you enjoyed the new look of the entrance.  Please share by posting a comment on how you decorate your abode for the Fall/Autumn season.
Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Can I steal your ideas? I love the Pumpkin with your initial on it!! And I also love the topiary. I was just telling Brian we need to do one of those over the weekend. :) Looks great!