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Sunday, April 17, 2011

What says "Welcome to our HOME"?

What says "Welcome to our Home"?  I believe it is your front porch.  I know not all homes have the luxury of a front porch.  In my opinion that is sad. However, I was raised in houses with wonderful front porches, so I may be a little biased. :) I also was blessed growing up in two neighborhoods where when the weather was above 50 degrees you would find the neighbors out on the porches. Many of my best memories are from the time spent on the porch with family and friends.  How lucky I am.  I have tried to carry on this tradition when raising our sons.  The porch is where you meet and greet your friends and neighbors. A place to relax, eat and enjoy the weather.
Here are a few of my favorite ideas for your decorating of your porch:
I love the Victorian front door. The flowers make the porch come alive with color.  Not so sure I would have blocked off the second part of the stairway, but that is only my opinion.  Maybe there is a reason for this.

This porch reminds me of many of the porches in our hometown.  So welcoming. 

Love the idea of the two chairs instead of a love seat.

I love the color selection so cheery and inviting. Come sit for a spell.

To me this seems like it would be a southern porch.  Maybe it is the lovely plants or the full length window shutters.  Anyway another fun place to be.

I cant wait to decorate my front porch and side porch this spring.  We are lucky to have two great porches.  These have become a favorite spot for not only us to gather but our friends and neighbors (who are friends as well).  We are double blessed to have a "southern style" side porch.  This porch is adorned with both shutters and two ceiling fans.  So welcoming and relaxing.  Photos to come once the weather cooperates.
How does your home say "Welcome"?

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