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I am a Mom of two wonderful young men. I am married to an amazing man who is in law enforcement. Which is why I named my blog No Place Like Home. After a long, intense day we all like to come HOME where we can feel safe and release the pressures of the day.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Time for a change.....

Every few months I get this strong urge for a change in my life or rather in ME.  I get bored.  Need a little spice.  Anyone else get this urge?  Now don't go dropping your jaws and start to worry. I am not talking radical lifestyle changes or anything that exciting.  I am talking hairstyle changes.  Most recent for me was last August when I had a foil color weave. I like it.  I don't like the up keep, but I like the colors.  Now I need a fun, sassy, summer hairstyle.  I keep looking and teasing myself.  How do you know what is the perfect style for your face and lifestyle?  In the summer ,I am all about being outside.  So I need fast, easy and long lasting style.  Here are some styles I have been toying with.

I don't think my hair would stay that spikey without a TON of rock hardening GEL.

Love this style for summer, but I have been told my face is to "full" another way of saying Fat? Plus I have no jaw line. Bummer!!

I have this color thing going on.  I feel the top is to long and I would end up with flat hair on summer days.

This one is and messy :)

Like this one too, but there's the "full" face and jawline thing.

So what is a woman to do?  Why do we obsess so much over our hair?  Isn't there a Bible verse about hair and it being a woman's  "crowing glory?  Is it really OUR Glory or those around us? 
So I apologize, this blog is so far off of the normal me.  I am not vain.  I just like to be presentable, clean and nice looking.  Especially at work.  Why??????
What are your reasons for change? 

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